Busch Latte Commercial

Busch advertises its limited-edition Busch Latte in a retro-inspired commercial.

The ad mimics 1980s and 90s coffee ads and features a group of sleepy men who wake up (at 11am) and grab a Busch Latte instead of a coffee to help them wake up. Serving as soundtrack is an original song, whose lyrics include “Crack open a can of the finest blend, get that Busch Latte feeling with my best friend”.

At the end of the spot, viewers are also encouraged to grab a can of Busch Latte for a cold refreshment like a mountain stream.

The brand informs that the specially-marked, limited-edition cans are available now in 30 packs across Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas, while supplies last.

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