Boots UK Christmas Advert Bootiques - Turkey 100% Not Dinner

Boots has released its Christmas 2019 advert, providing a solution for those who have difficulties in buying the right gifts for different personalities.

The spot, titled “Gift Like You Get Them”, is initially set in a traditional village hall and continues with a variety of scenes and characters that illustrate some of ridiculously hard-to-buy-for people, such as “the person who gets up every Sunday at 6am to be yelled at by a fitness instructor,” “the person who lies awake watching people doing weird stuff,” “the person who totally gets why a Beauty influencer with millions of followers contours with a kitchen utensil.

Toward the end of the video, the protagonist, who’s eager to find one place where he could buy the right gifts for his dear ones, is shown the Boots individual “Bootiques,” which essentially gift edits curated around the countless personalities that make up the people we love. Thus, there are the Vegan Bootique, the Sleep Bootique, the Love Bootique, the Fitness Bootique, the Tween Bootique, and the Beauty Bootique.

The beauty brand will also provide consumers with an online tool called “Build Your Own Bootique,” designed to help them share their own passions with friends and family.

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