Commercial - L.A. Baby has launched a new ad campaign, created in partnership with agency Anomaly and entitled “Be A Booker,” which aims to inspire people to become “Bookers,” meaning to turn their vacation dreams into action by using to find their accommodation.

The campaign includes a main 60-second TV spot, which is also available as a shorter 30-second version, as well as several 15-second spots focused on various options that the travel booking site offers, such as a huge number of available bookable rooms (25 million in hotels, resorts, homes and more), free cancellation and instant confirmation. The spot for this last service features a family of four who got tickets for LA. “With Instant Confirmation, Bookers book apartments and vacation homes as easy as hotels,” the voiceover says, while on screen the family members are seen first in their dark dining room and then on a sunny beach, riding scooters, and enjoying lunch on the terrace of their vacation home in Los Angeles. “L.A., baby!” they are saying while raising their glasses.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying the tagline “Be a Booker. At” and with a final onscreen line reading that is “The World’s #1 Choice for Booking Accommodations”.

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