Billie Movember Commercial - Girls with Mustaches

Women’s shave and body brand Billie has launched a new ad to show its support for Movember Foundation, which aims to improve men’s lives through projects focused on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

“Newsflash: women have mustaches. We’ve been trained to hide them- wax them, bleach them, shave them – but that doesn’t make them any less real. Fuzzy and faint or dark and dazzling, they’re there. So this Movember, we’re growing out our (formerly) top secret upper lip hair. We’re a brand built for womankind, but we’re thrilled to support the men in our lives – we’re matching 100% of contributions made to our team, up to $50,000,” the brand informed in a statement.

The spot, directed by Agostina Galvez, features a diverse cast of women who are showing off their moustaches and deliver the following message: “Our hair has a very important announcement to make. Women have moustaches, too. The world may not know this because we go through a lot to hide them. We’ve been hiding them all our lives. But newsflash: we’ve got them. So this Movember we’re growing them out and joining in. Cause a stash is a stash. And we shouldn’t let our perfectly good ones go to waste”.

“Add your mo to our team. We’re matching contributions. Happy Movember” onscreen lines read at the end of the commercial.

Billie, which became the first female razor brand to show body hair with the launch of Project Body Hair last year, is on a mission to normalize female body hair and break stigmas.

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