Best Buy Canada Commercial Girl - Repairs Are On Us

Best Buy Canada advertises its services in a series of new spots. One of them, dedicated to the Geek Squad Agents, who are ready to help customers online, on the phone, in their home and in-store, 24/7, features a woman asking a Geek Squad agent how much she should pay for the fridge repair. When the agent tells her she doesn’t have to pay anything, the woman compliments the agent’s badge, saying it’s cool. “Standard issue,” the agent replies with a proud look on her face. “That compliment was also free,” the woman adds.

The commercial ends with onscreen lines informing that repairs are on Best Buy and urging viewers to get protected with a Protection Plan.

The Geek Squad Home Membership includes a series of benefits, from setting up every device in your home (from Best Buy or not) and providing support on how to use them to an extended warranty, 24/7/365 support, repair and VIP treatment for a low monthly payment.

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