BEHR Dog Commercial

BEHR advertises its stain and scuff resistant, life-proof, BEHR Premium Plus Interior paints, in a series of new commercials.

One of them, dubbed “Skunked,” features Archie, a dog who, after being washed in the bathtub, gets out of the bathroom and shakes off, staining the walls painted in Honey Tea MQ2-18. Luckily, his owners use BEHR Premium Plus Paint & Primer in One, which is – according to the brand, “durable,” with “long-lasting finish” and “low odor”.

“Keep all your doing done, for a price that doesn’t stink” an onscreen line reads at the end of the spot, which also informs that the BEHR paints are exclusively at The Home Depot.

The other spots released by the paint brand feature a boy who stains the walls of a room (painted in Dolphin Blue S470-4) with the jam he had inside a sandwich, and a father who, after stepping on a toy forgotten on the stairs, spills his coffee on the wall (painted in Planetary Silver N460-2).

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