Audi Q8 Commercial

Audi gives viewers a glimpse at the first-ever, high-performance Audi Q8 in a new commercial, that introduces the car as “a new beast in town”.

Titled “The Butcher,” the 30-second ad features a butcher “approaching a woman who enters the store and showing her the right thing to feed her appetite. “We both know you’re not just looking for pork chops. You’re searching for something more… red-blooded,” the butcher tells the customer, inviting her to follow her to another room. On their way, the butcher keeps talking, proving that she “read” through the dark-daired woman who silently walks behind. “You thirst for adrenaline, you hunger for raw power. Well, you’ve come to the right place,” the butcher finally adds and opens the door to a garage that hosts the new Audi Q8. The woman is then encouraged to “dig in” because the road is hers.

A line flashing across the screen at the end of the commercial presents the first-ever, high-performance Audi Q8 as “a new beast in town”.

The 2019 Audi Q8, starting at $67,400, offers, according to the automaker, “a unique performance that blends
sport and utility into a momentous SUV design”. The brand provides, exclusively available in the first year of production, the Audi Q8 Year One package, which features Black-optic exterior touches, an S line exterior, 22″ Audi Sport 5-V-spoke-star design wheels and a Black mask grille surround, as well as red brake calipers.

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