Asda TV Advert - Girl in the Mirror

Asda highlights, in its latest advert, that it has everything you want, with no compromise.

“Big shops, birthdays, days of love, healthy group when you’re being good, don’t forget the pancake stuff, panic stations, new situations, pharmacy for medications, beauty creams, sporty gear for new regimes, smashing stuff for smithereens, kittens, opticians, favorite looks, Easter egg hunts, choice cuts, George and Mildred at the till. Everything fresh and wonderful. Fridges, kids, cupboards, all full. Whatever is on your list, at Asda we’ve got it. Quality products at great prices. No compromises. Bring it home,” the voiceover says on the 60-second spot, which features a variety of people buying from Asda items mentioned by the voiceover, from groceries to holiday-themed objects and flowers, to sport gear, beauty creams, food for cats and dogs, items for babies and toddlers, Easter sweet treats, quality meat, clothing from George brand, and more.

The advert concludes with the voiceover adding the chain’s tagline, “Save money. Live better.”

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