Jeff Goldblum Christmas Commercial has enlisted Jeff Goldblum to answer renters most puzzling holiday questions in a series of ads called “Renters Holiday Questions Answered”.

One of the spots features Goldblum as Brad Bellflower (an “eccentric Silicon Valley maverick and visionary futurist”) reading a question sent by Kevin, who wants to know how Santa will get in his apartment if it doesn’t have a chimney. The actor replies that elves, which are tiny and flexibile and able to get in any crevice, will bring the presents. In case the presents are very heavy, ants may the ones carrying them since these insects are able to carry far beyond their own weight. He then mentions the possibility to be an army of ants disguised as ants the one delivering the Christmas gifts and raises another question himself: who makes the costume for the tailor ants?

Goldblum was tapped by the rental site to portray Bradd Bellflower, the inventor of the Apartminternet, a place where rental choices and realities are infinite, in 2015. has stiff competition, though, from the likes of Apartment Guide,, and Zillow.

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