Amazon School Commercial Boy

Amazon wishes kids Happy School Year in a new ad, aimed at emphasizing that, whether children want to read more or miss the bus less, the e-commerce company has the biggest selection of supplies to start the new school year right.

The 15-second spot, dubbed “School Year Resolutions,” features two girls and a boy sharing their new school year resolutions. Thus, one of the girls says that this year she’s going to learn how to draw a self-portrait of her, the other girl says she’s going to read 100 books, and the boy says he’s going to ask Katie out to the school dance, while onscreen lines inform that Amazon is for “sketch pads,” “roller backpack,” and “hair gel”.

The commercial ends with a bunch of kids shouting in voiceover “Happy School Year” and with the tagline “Low Prices and Free Shipping on Millions of Items” flashing across the screen.

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