Always My Fit Portraits Commercial

Always advertises its Always My Fit, a range of five different pad sizes, in a new commercial, that is about “finding your fit, periods, pads, Always, My Fit, Ultra Thin and rewriting the rules”.

The 15-second spot, featuring portraits of different women from all walks of life, points out that 60% of women are wearing the wrong size pad and can experience leaks, but all of them can change that thanks to Always My Fit, which allows them to try the next size up and get up to 20% better coverage day or night, because “better coverage means better protection”.

At the brand’s website, women can take a quiz and find their fit with Always My Fit. Other products sold by Always include Always Infinity Pads with FlexFoam, Always Radiant Pads, which ensure up to 100% leak-free protection thanks to the moisture-wicking technology, Ultra Thin Pads, Maxi Pads, Overnight Pads, Pure Pads, as well as Special Pads for Teens.