Allstate Commercial - Actress Tina Fey

Allstate has enlisted Tina Fey to star alongside actor Dean Winters in its longtime running “Mayhem” campaign.

In one of the ads, the company’s havoc-wreaking character, Mayhem (played by Winters), originally created by Leo Burnett in 2010, portrays Tina Fey’s dog, a Saint Bernard pup eager whose lack of impulse control is about to become Fey’s problem. Being at the wheel, she keeps her focus on the road because that’s saving her cash with Drivewise, the app that tracks how carefully someone drives and offers perks accordingly. “Who’s the dummy now?” she asks her pet.

At the end of the video, Mayhem urges viewers to get Allstate, where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem like him.

In another commercial, Winters plays a critical mother-in-law whose cutting remarks provide the same level of distraction as the dog. This is not the first time Winters and Fey share the screen, though. Years ago, Winters played one of Fey’s boyfriends on “30 Rock”.

Along with the commercials starring Winters and Fey, who became thus the first celebraty to be featured in the Mayhem campaign, Allstate is simultaneously airing its campaign featuring longtime spokesman Dennis Haysbert.

Earlier this year, State Farm ran a similar ad to promote its speed-monitoring app. The protagonist, a customer named Kim, was so eager to earn the insurance company’s Drive Safe & Save Discount that she became impervious to the anger of a car full of late coworkers and even to her own birthing labor pains.

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