Aldi Baby Specialbuys Advert - Baby on Conveyor Belt

Aldi advertises its Aldi Baby Specialbuys in a new spot, highlighting that the supermarket chain has got everything you need for baby, from accessories and baby grows to the award-winning Mamia nappies and wipes.

The 10-second spot features a cute baby covered in spaghetti on a conveyor belt at the checkout in an Aldi supermarket, among various baby products, including the Mamia nappies and wipes. Onscreen lines inform that Baby Wipes Multipack (12×64) is now priced at £5.69. The offer is now available online and will be in store Thursday, April 25th.

Aldi’s famous Baby & Toddler Specialbuys Events take place several times a year, with fantastic Specialbuy prices on a wide range of products, from clothes to nappies, toys and buggies. This month, you can get a lightweight but tough, easily foldable stroller for £49.99, a baby safety gate for £12.99, a baby carrier for £44.99, and more.

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