Zoopla Lobsters Advert

Zoopla advertises its services in a new ad, featuring lobsters Jess and Debs.

Titled “Smarter Search,” the 30-second spot opens with Debs cutting and gluing on a board post-its of her preferences in terms of new house. Asked about it, she explains to Jess that the respective board filled with photos and post-its is her moving house strategy mood board. The latter praises her work and informs her that Zoopla does all that, mentioning that you can create a search area, see running course and house values and that, overall, this service makes finding your perfect house just a bit easier. “Oh, that’s clever,” Debs replies.

Thinking about the way Deb feels, Jess adds that Deb’s moving house strategy mood board could still come useful, but Debs is obviously not thinking the same as she’s ready to throw it away in the bin.

“With over a million properties and the tools to find your perfect home, start your search with Zoopla,” the voiceover says at the end of the advert.

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