Wonderful Pistachios Commercial - Venus de Milo

Venus de Milo comes to life in the latest Wonderful Pistacchios ad, promoting the Wonderful Pistachios No Shells.

The 30-second spot features the ancient Greek statue, displayed at the Louvre Museum in Paris, telling viewers how delicious and great the Wonderful Pistachios without the shells are. “I work 13 hours/day, six days a week. So when I’m off the clock, I got to get stuff done. So when I need a snack, I need something healty, tasty, and easy to eat. Like Wonderful Pistachios without the shells. They’re protein-powered, delicious, and great on-the-go. And that’s perfect for me,” Venus de Milo is heard saying, while on screen she is seen at the mall, in a grocery store, and trying to stop a taxi. In all these places, she is not naked, though, but dressed with different pieces, from a formal ensemble, to a casual outfit and a sport one.

Created by Wonderful Pistachios’ in-house creative team, Wonderful Agency, the spot marks the brand’s first ever campaign for its No Shells brand, titled “Sometimes, Naked Is Better” and supported by public relations, digital and social media activity, in-store display, and a large-scale digital advertisement in Times Square.

Roasted to perfection with just a touch of salt,” Wonderful Pistachios No Shells, available in Roasted & Salted and Lightly Salted, are “ideal for cooking and baking, and still wonderful for snacking and entertaining”, according to the brand.

Wonderful Pistachios No Shells, now featuring cart-stopping bright green packaging, will also be available in a new grab-and-go 0.75 oz, besides the existing 2.5 oz., 6 oz., 12 oz., and 24 oz. sizes in-stores nationwide.

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