Wendy's Bacon Sandwich Commercial

Wendy’s highlights, in its latest ad, that its “Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich Is Better Than A Cheat Day”.

The 15-second spot opens with an onscreen line urging those who started their New Year’s resolutions to look away and goes on with the ingredients that come on top of each other, from bacon, maple, chicken, to a sweet and savory croissant bun, to deliver an amazing tasting experience.

“Cheat day? Make that a cheat day” onscreen lines read as a Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich is seen disappearing bite by bite from a wooden cutting board.

The new menu item, introduced by the fast-food chain earlier this week and set to be available at participating locations for a limited-time only, also features, besides the juicy, lightly-breaded Homestyle chicken breast, three strips of Applewood smoked bacon, swiss cheese, and a sweet maple glaze.

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