Volvo XC60 Commercial - Never Settling

Volvo has launched a new commercial, highlighting that a Certified by Volvo vehicle fits your style and gives you great ownership benefits.

Released with the tagline “Never Settling,” the 30-second spot showcases a Volvo XC60 speeding down a road and some of the benefits purchasers of Certified by Volvo have, such as 24/7 help wherever you go with Volvo Roadside Assistance, 5 worry-free years with the available unlimited mile warranty, 170+ reasons to breathe easy with more than 170 point inspection, and an inspiring driving experience.

“Never settling. Our Idea of Luxury.” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial.

A Certified by Volvo vehicle allows you to enjoy distinctive features, such as “luxurious Scandinavian craftsmanship, an intuitive infotainment hub, world-changing safety innovations, and outstanding performance,” according to the automaker, which provides detailed information on its certified pre-owned vehicles on its website.

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