Zlatan Ibrahimović in Visa Commercial

Visa celebrates its status as official sponsor of the 2018 FIFA World Cup with a hilarious new commercial starring Zlatan Ibrahimović.

Titled “Press Conference”, the 30-second spot features the Swedish professional footballer who currently plays as a forward for LA Galaxy and the Sweden national team saying, during a press conference, “A FIFA World Cup without me is not worth watching, but a lion cannot miss their hunt. I’ll qualify on my own and I’ll dominate,” and, answering, when reminded about regulations, that “Regulations are for regular players”.

Asked how he can qualify on his own, he replies, while getting on a Visa tour bus and signing a Visa card, that “Genius finds a way”.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying “No one wants to miss the FIFA World Cup. As an official sponsor, Visa make sure you never have to”.

Zlatan Ibrahimović joined the Visa family in April 2018 to star in Visa’s global marketing campaign dedicated to the sporting event, a campaign which also features other five influencers from different countries across the world, namely freekickerz from Germany, Kotaro Tokuda from Japan, Pamela Allier from Mexico, Tatiana Vasilieva from Russia, and Chris MD from the U.K.

The campaign, spanning TV, print, digital, social, out of home and more, will roll out in 45 markets in 24 different languages.

As the exclusive payment service at all stadiums where games will be played, Visa will enable fans to pay for their merchandise and concessions in a quick, easy and cash-less way, providing 6,500 payment rings, 30,000 payment brands and commemorative contactless prepaid cards.

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