Vertex Roofing Commercial - Three Little Pigs

Vertex Roofing’s superior metal roofing systems are showcased in a new commercial that is a modern take on the fairy tale “Three Little Pigs” and aims to highlight that Vertex Roofing’s systems will be “The last roof you’ll ever need”.

Created by Sunstone Creative Group, the 30-second spot features two siblings reading the story of the “Three Little Pigs” from a storybook titled “The last roof you’ll ever need” (that was custom designed for the ad). The older brother tells the youngest about how the three little pigs protected their homes (the first little pig used straws, the second one sticks, and the third one bricks) and the latter asks him what did their parents use to protect the house they’re living in. “Something even better.” – the big brother answers, showing him the next pages of the storybook, featuring their home.

At this point, the ad transitions from illustration to reality, showing a house with Vertex Roofing metal roofing system, while the voiceover is heard saying “Discover the elegant beauty and lasting strengtg that our superior metal roofing system make Vertex Roofing a part of your story and enjoy a lifetime of total protection”.

The commercial is currently being broadcast across northern Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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