Little Girl in Vauxhall TV Advert

Vauxhall promotes its Help to Buy option in a new advert, aimed at highlighting that, with up to 5 years 0% APR flexible finance, it’s easier than ever to drive away in a brand new Vauxhall.

The 30-second spot opens with a mother and her little daughter entering a Vauxhall dealership and looking at an Astra SRi VX-Line. A salesman approaches her, willing to showcase the car’s features, but the woman takes the words out of his mouth, proving she already knows a lot about the Vauxhall Astra, like the latest connectivity to mobile devices, heated seats in the back, and the advanced European engineering, which makes the car “safe and fun to drive”. However, when the salesman tells her about the automaker’s Help to Buy scheme, she doesn’t say a word, since this is something she didn’t know about. The employee informs her that, with the Help to Buy scheme, there’s up to five years 0% APR, and, at this point, the little girl intervenes, revealing she knows what this means. Moreover, she proves she’s determined to take the car for a test drive as she already has the keys, when her mother asks the salesman if it’s possible to take it.

At the end of the advert, an onscreen line reveals that Vauxhall is a British brand since 1903.

Vauxhall states that, with Help to Buy, you can choose to “up the spec and get more Vauxhall for your money or simply spend less money.” As part of the company’s Flexible Finance offer, customers can also get free insurance for a year if they purchase a Corsa Limited Edition or Corsa Energy until 31 March 2018.