Girl in United States Postal Service

United States Postal Service highlights, in a new ad, its technology services that contribute to delivering better customer experiences.

The commercial shows how Informed Delivery, Ship From Store, Returns, and Informed Visibility work behind the scenes and are “so seamless your customers will only see you going the extra mile for them”.

“Here we sit at a comfortable 68 degrees. It’s easy to ignore the AC that’s making us cool and comfortable. But without it, we wouldn’t notice anything else. Because we don’t always see what’s working behind the scenes, but we do experience the outcome. It is the same with our technology services. At the United States Postal Service, our innovations are so seamless, stealth even,” the voiceover says on the 70-second spot, mentioning that “Your customer’s left to see a better experience with you” thanks to services like Informed Delivery, which implies the USPS sending customers a daily informed delivery preview so that they could see the package for them before they even get home, Ship-From-Store solution, which allows customers to see a company’s entire inventory, hassle-free returns, and Informed Visibility, which lets customers see businesses connecting with them at just the right moment.

“Because what the United States Postal Service does is give you the seamless technology to get ahead with your customer. And what they see is you going the extra mile for them. So it’s plain to see what we deliver is a great experience for all,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial.

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