Uniqlo Commercial Girl

Uniqlo showcases its seamless down coats for men and women in a new ad, titled “Winter Is Waiting”.

The spot, set in an empty city on a snowy winter day, where everyone prefers to stay in, features a woman taking her Uniqlo seamless down coat and getting outside. As she slowly walks down the sidewalk, looking at the windows, she meets a man who throws a snowball at her to get her attention. Soon, the two begin skating on the ice-covered streets and the line “Winter Is Waiting” flashes across the screen.

The women’s seamless down coat, featuring a seamless design to shut out wind, rain, and snow, has a hood with high collar to cover and protect the face and neck. The range includes seamless down parka, priced at $129.90, seamless down short coat, priced at $149.90, and seamless down long coat, priced at $179.90.

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