UNIQLO Baby Leggings Commercial

UNIQLO USA showcases the “cutest and most comfortable” toddler and newborn collection in a new commercial, focused on baby pants.

The ad includes amateur footage of babies and toddlers wearing UNIQLO leggings while playing inside or outside, alone or with siblings and friends. They spill food and drinks on themselves, they get dirty playing in the mud or sand, but this is not a problem. They can change and start playing again. “Dressing made easy. Active play made for fun.” flash across the screen at the end of the spot, which also highlights that you can now purchase colorful baby leggings for $5.90 plus tax.

The brand’s range of baby products also includes tops, pajamas, bodysuits, innerwear and socks, as well as newborn innerwear. According to the manufacturer, the clothes for babies and toddlers are made of a fabric that “stretches, retains its shape, and is easy to wash”. Soft, comfortable materials like HEATTECH, cotton, and quick-dry materials are among the fabrics used, while an easy zipper for growing children and a very stretchy waist for toddlers are the design features incorporated so that they can learn how to get dressed and undressed. In addition, safety-related elements are also incorporated, such as a fastener guard to protect little chins and a tag ready to take on a name and address.

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