UNIQLO Jeans Commercial

UNIQLO US has launched a new commercial, urging viewers to discover the brand’s new-and-improved jeans lineup, 24-Hour Jeans.

The 30-second spot features a variety of persons, both women and men, wearing Uniqlo jeans throughout the day, on different occasions, from a day at the office, a train ride, a bike ride, a night out and a night in, and even a yoga class.

The collection includes Ezy Jeans, Ultra Stretch Jeans, Selvedge Slim Fit Jeans, High Rise Boyfriend Fit Jeans, with prices ranging between $29.90 and $49.90 plus tax.

The commercial ends with a couple donning Uniqlo jeans, running toward each other in the middle of the street and hugging among dozens of car, while on screen the tagline “LifeWear” appears.

The clothing retailer also encourages people to try the new ankle-grazing trousers for every occasion, sleek and stylish leggings, dry stretch sweat pants, innovative, heat-retaining pieces that layer under everything, as well as outerwear that tackles wind, rain and snow.

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