Uber Driver Commercial

Uber has released a new ad, promoting the new Driver App, which helps you earn smarter with real-time information.

“We heard you. You asked for a better driver app. One that would show you where it would be busy. When to make your next move. And the busiest times to drive, so you can manage your day better. You wanted it to be easy to see how much you’ve earned so you can do more with the people who matter most. You wanted your app to work, even if you’re not connected. Out here (referring to the middle of the nature), here (referring to the elevator), and yes, even in here (referring to a tunnel),” the voiceover says on the 70-second spot, which features a variety of people earning money from being an Uber driver.

Before introducing the new Driver app as “Your partner on the road,” the voiceover also mentions that Uber have collaborated with drivers and delivery partners from around the world.

The new Driver App helps thus drivers get alerts on where to drive when it’s busy – they just have to tap opportunities on their map to find more trips nearby, and ask the app to guide them there, helps drivers and delivery partners to know their next move by letting them know when they are in a busy area, allows drivers and delivery partners to easily track their progress toward their daily and weekly earning goals and to access their earning summaries with just a tap, allows drivers and delivery partners to see hourly trends and set preferences, all in one place, get messages about everything from upcoming events and earning opportunities to information about their account and new features, and more.

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