Twix Commercial Girl

Twix has released a series of new ads showing people how to safely dispose their #LeftTWIX, paid for by #RightTWIX.

One of the spots, dedicated to the safe disposal of Left Twix Peanut Butter, features a young woman who, after eating the right Twix, takes a tiny bassinet out of her pocket and puts the left Twix in it. Afterwards, she places the bassinet at someone’s front door, rings the bell and runs away.

Other spots show viewers that left Twix White could be safely disposed in a mailbox and that right Twix could be safely disposed by throwing it in the back seat of a taxi.

The campaign hinting at a rivalry between the “left Twix” and “right Twix” was introduced at the Cannes Lions festival in 2012. Last year, the two chocolate bars were given their own unique package, so that fans could have two of their favorite bars in every Twix pack, and a dedicated campaign developed by BBDO New York was launched to celebrate the event.

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