TurboTax Ghost Commercial

TurboTax has launched a new ad campaign to highlight that there’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to doing your own taxes and that you can now get a CPA to review your return with you, with TurboTax live.

One of the spots part of the campaign features a ghost in an attic starting to walk around, while the voiceover says “Sometimes we imagine things far worse than they truly are.” At this point, the ghost takes a seat at a desk, at a laptop where a TurboTax Live session with a CPA is taking places, and says with a woman’s voice “But we, er, take a deep breath and do our taxes with TurboTax. Now a CPA can review your return with you.” “Am I getting a maximum refund?” – she asks the CPA, who’s answering “I checked it, ma’am. You’re good to go.”. “See, nothing to be afraid of.” – the ghost adds, standing up. Hearing the house owner coming upstairs to check what’s going on the attic, the ghost vanishes, leaving behind the sheet she’s been “wearing” on a chair.

This new feature offered by TurboTa allows users to quickly connect to a live CPA or EA on their computer screen to ask questions as often as they need while preparing their taxes. The CPA or EA will review the users’ work, make any necessary changes and give the approval to file, with 100% Accuracy Guarantee (provided by TurboTax). According to Intuit, that produces the consumer tax preparation software package, the calculations are “100% accurate” so your taxes will be done right.

The campaign also includes other spots created on the same idea, that there’s nothing to be afraid, and features Chupacabra, a monster in the woods, and a tiny bear that proves to be anything but scary, with his dance moves and gibberish sounds.

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