TurboTax Red-Haired Baby Commercial

TurboTax has released a series of hilarious new ads to promote Absolute Zero, a limited time tax preparation and filing offer that enables taxpayers to file their federal (1040EZ/1040A) and state taxes easily and accurately for free.

One of them features a couple in a maternity suite, looking at their new-born baby boy, who’s red-haired. “He’s so beautiful!” – the husband says gently caressing the infant’s head. The nurse, who’s standing by the bed, near them, confirms with a smile on her face. Suddenly, the smile on the mother’s face vanishes as she watches someone entering the room: it’s a red-haired man holding two pink heart-shaped balloons and a stuffed teddy bear toy. Seeing the guy, the woman’s husband remains speechless, realizing who the true baby’s dad is. The nurse finds something to say, though. “At least your taxes are free.” – she tells him in an attempt to make him see a silver lining.

The ad highlights that the offer may end without notice and that customers must file taxes before offer ends to file for free. There are some conditions the taxpayers must comply with in order to be able to file for free, though. They must have made less than $100.000, they don’t own a home or rental property, don’t own a business or have 1099-MISC income, don’t have any major medical expenses, and didn’t sell investments.

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