Girl in TUMS Giant Beans Commercial

The brand of antacid TUMS has released a new commercial to promote its new TUMS Chewy Bites with Gas Relief.

Presented as “TUMS Breaking News Special Report”, the 15-second spot features images captured by a witness at the state fair of a woman used a ping-pong ball by two giant beans. “Is this the work of heartburn and gas?” the voiceover asks, seeing the disastrous duo that hit again. He then advises people to try, for fast relief, the new TUMS Chewy Bites with Gas Relief and mentions that more information will be provided later on.

TUMS range of antacid products, that come in several varieties, also includes TUMS Smoothies, TUMS Chewy Delights, TUMS Regular Strength 500, TUMS Extra Strength 750, and TUMS Ultra Strength 1000.

TUMS antacid, which, “unlike some other heartburn medications, does not need to be absorbed into the bloodstream in order to work”, according to the brand, is available at many retail stores, including drug stores, grocery stores and mass merchandisers.

This is not the first “Special Report”-type commercial from TUMS. A previous one featured surveillance footage of a man attacked by a giant curly fry, that was reportedly overtaking the city.

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