Woman in Trainline TV Advert

UK’s leading independent train ticket retailer Trainline promotes its services in a hilarious new advert, highlighting that at Trainline you will find “live travel information you can count on”.

The spot features an undercover spy named Sarah who’s chasing a man watched for months by agents. When she’s about to catch him, the guy enters the bustling station and then gets on a train, with her unable to follow him. “I’ve lost him. Where is he?” – she asks a fellow agent through her earphone. At this point, a lady using Trainline gives her a bunch of useful information and Sarah embarks again on her mission to track the villainous down.

The advert ends with the onscreen line “Live travel information you can count on” and with the company’s tagline, “Wonderfully Predictable”.

Trainline helps users to save on rail tickets by highlighting the cheapest prices for their next UK national rail booking. Using tools like the Trainline journey planner and the ticket alert tool, people can plan and book their next trip or check train timetables to ensure they catch their chosen train on the day of travel, and be notified when advance tickets become available so they can plan their train travel in advance.

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