The Car People TV Advert

The Car People highlight, in a new TV spot, that their advisors and aftercare will help you “find the car you’ll feel good about buying” and urge you to visit if you want to avoid buyer’s remorse.

The 30-second ad begins with the voiceover presenting the findings of a survey undertaken by OnePoll2018, which reveal that buyer’s remorse, translated into anger, resentment, and despair, affects one in three used car buyers, and goes on with people attending group therapy talking about their feelings. “Have I made the right choice?”, “I feel like I let myself down.”, two of them say. A representative of The Car People shows up holding Fluff in her hand and telling them “it doesn’t have to be this way”. Spreading joy with the company’s cute fluffy pink mascot, she also encourages them that together they can “wipe out buyer’s remorse forever”.

The end of the spot sees the company representative in an used car dealership adding “Our advisors and aftercare will help you find the car you’ll feel good about buying”.

Fluff, described as “a lovable ball of pink fluffy goodness,” was introduced in July 2017 as the embodiment of “The Car People ethos, inside and out”. “Just like The Car People, Fluff loves nothing more than transforming stressful situations into calm, hassle-free experiences to make life as simple as possible.”, The Car People said about their new addition to the team in a press release, last year.

The Car People offers a “hassle-free way to buy a car”, allowing people to browse through thousands of available cars and search both by price and by payment. In addition, they can get “hassle free finance from 8.9% apr representative”.