The Beard Club Commercial - Actor Chris Stoikos

Subscription men’s grooming company The Beard Club encourages men to grow the beard this month, in a new commercial, dubbed “Growing Wild!”.

Chris Stoikos, co-founder of Dollar Beard Club, stars in a what seems at the beginning a Game-of-Thrones-inspired film, urging men to embark on the adventure of growing a beard, but be sure, before they do that, to stock up on the brand’s supplies, which include a variety of 100% natural products, designed for all needs. The entrepreneur, who advises men to “stay faithful to your facial hair, who knows where your beard might take you,” also highlights that, “Once you have a healthy face forest growing, it’s crucial you know how to manage it.” “Our products will transform you from an uncut savage into a bearded king,” he states, while he passes by a savage in the wild and a man who’s supposed to be “the bearded king,” on a king-size bed, in the company of two young women.

“The journey to the top is never easy, but with our well-groomed guidance, you too can reach the peak of your potential. So make the commitment. Keep it growing and we’ll take care of the rest,” Chris says at the end of the commercial while sticking a flag with the brand’s logo on the top of a mountain, urging then viewers to join The Beard Club.

Onscreen lines also read, at the end of the spot, “Quality products straight to your door. Every month. 100% natural ingredients”.

Another recent commercial from The Beard Club features a wizard who urges viewers to gaze upon his balls if they want to see what they would look like with a beard. In its previous “Born to Grow” campaign, The Beard Club highlighted that “You were born to grow” and invited people to maximize their growth and discover their untapped bearded potential.

The Beard Club provides a series of kits (The Starter Kit, The Advanced Kit, and The Legendary Kit) containing various products designed to help you get a “softer and smoother beard”, that are delivered monthly to your door.

The offering includes all-natural products, oil, balm, wax and more, growth accelerators, as well as beard gear and apparel. Customers can build a kit based on their own necessities, choosing an all-natural beard oil, products from the Essentials range, shower items, accelerators, such as growth vitamins as spray or capsules and/or growth oil, and accessories, such as a beard brush or comb, a stainless comb and/or a sandalwood mustache comb.

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