TD Boy in the Pool Commercial

Canadian multinational banking and financial services corporation The Toronto-Dominion Bank, commonly known as TD, encourages people, in its latest ad, to talk to their kids about money, highlighting that it will pay off later.

The 15-second spot features a young boy lounging on an inflatable pool toy in the pool and delivering a message to his parents: “If you don’t teach me about money, that’s okay. I’ll live off your nest egg for the rest of my life.” The voiceover urges then viewers to feel confident about talking to their kids about money before it’s too late, directing them to the section “KidsAndMoney” on the bank’s website.

The end of the spot sees a young man in this thirties getting out of a trailer parked in front of a house and asking his mom if dinner is ready.

TD provides a series of ideas on how to teach children various things about money depending on their age, fun tips to help make your children financially confident, and more. The bank also encourages you to start saving for your child’s future interests and activities with a tax-free savings account, with a TD Youth Account, jumpstart saving for your child’s post-secondary education with a Registered Education Savings Plan. In addition, people are encouraged to use the TD MySpend app to teach children how to keep track of spending and develop healthy spending habits.