T-Mobile Sidekicks Sneakers Commercial

T-Mobile has joined the companies releasing special ads for April Fool’s Day by announcing “The World’s First Smartshoephone”.

In a new commercial launched just in time for the holiday, the mobile operator is introducing the new T-Mobile Sidekicks, featuring revolutionary AI, heavy duty stepscreen, sole speaker sync, headphones that double as chargers, a camera that comes with a built-in selfie stick, retractable lacebuds, “No BS” personal voice assistant voiced by T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere himself, and more.

“It’s time for a comeback. Inspired by the past, but stepping into the future, T-Mobile is bringing back the sidekick, and it’s even better than you remember,” a voiceover says at the beginning of the presentation video, which highlights that “all the capabilities of your smartphone are in your feet, literally.” Besides water resistance, T-Mobile’s Sidekicks also have a “Hazard Avoidance” feature, which helps users avoid stepping into dog’s poop, and Toe Tap Contact Share, an option that enables users to make aquantaince with new people just by toe tapping. Attention, you are advised to always wear socks while engaging in Toe Tap Contact Sharing.

The ad also delivers empowering messages like “Dance to your own music”, “share your soul speakers”, “capture the moment”, “brave the elements”, and more.

The new T-Mobile Sidekicks are available in magenta “only on America’s best Unlimited network”, obviously. They can be pre-ordered for $65, but don’t expect them to do any of the above mentioned things. They don’t actually have any smartphone technology of their namesake device. Pre-orders close on April 15th and orders will be shipped after the product is produced (estimated ship date of 05/07/2018).

T-Mobile also offers a range of apparel and accessories called “BeMagenta”, including a magenta T-shirt featuring the text print “Magenta All Day Every Day” priced at $12, a Revolution Jacket at $73.35, available for both men and women, Magenta Runner’s Jacket ($66.65), Women’s Crossover Sweater ($76), Hacker Hoodie ($53.35), available for both men and women, magenta umbrella ($10.35), magenta checkered shoelaces and plaid shoelaces ($6), foldaway silicone bottle ($12.65), and more. The company states that, through December 20, 2018, it will donate 25% of the retail price of each item sold to consumers on the BeMagenta website to Boys and Girls Club of America, up to $50.000, in an attempt to “enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.” Boys & Girls Clubs provide a fun, safe space and a fostering environment where kids can go after school and during the summer to grow beyond the classroom.

In 2017, T-Mobile’s April Fools’ Day joke was ONEsie, a full-body costume that was supposed to enhance your tech life.


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