Subaru Commercial Couple

Subaru highlights, in a new commercial part of the “Short Stories” series, that parents choose safe and reliable cars for their families.

The spot, titled “First Baby”, features a young couple in a baby store trying to choose clothes, a baby cot, and various other items for their new baby. As they are looking through the wide range of products, they notice, at some point, another couple like them, with the man surprised by how soft a fleece blanket is. In the parking lot, when an SUV parked near their Subaru frees the spot, the parents-to-be see the other couple ready to load the stuff they bought in the trunk of their car, which it turns out is a Subaru. “You too, ha?” the man asks smiling, and the other answers “Yeah”, nodding.

The commercial ends with the onscreen line “Safety is Love”.

The automotive company has, on its website, in the section called “Dear Subaru”, a collection of stories, photos and videos submitted by real owners, and invites you to share your story, too.

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