Stella Artois Commercial - The Middle Seat

“Who would you take the middle seat for?” – this is the question raised by Stella Artois in its latest commercial, aiming to highlight that getting stuck in the middle seat is a bad experience, but for some can be a good time to spend with their loved ones.

“The middle seat is the worst. But for some, spending time with the people who matter most sometimes makes it worth it. Stella Artois believes anyone who deals with it deserves some recognition” – the voiceover says at the beginning of the spot.

Stella Artois introduces then James from Detroit, ready to take six middle seats to find his wife in Michigan, Lorena having her family in Puerto Rico, and Quilidi that will definitely risk the middle seat for his mother living in Atlanta.

The spot ends with the onscreen line reading that “The best present is to be present”.

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