State Farm Aaron Rodgers Commercial - Siberia

Aaron Rodgers’ NFL agent wants to trade Rodgers’ State Farm agent to the Siberian football league. This is the idea behind the latest State Farm Commercial.

The 15-second spot features the Green Bay Packers’ quarterback in the company of his State Farm agent, played by Patrick Minnis, and his sports agent, Gabe Gabriel (played by actor David Haydn-Jones) on a cold winter day. “You better get used to this weather, State Farm, because I’m trading you to a QB in the Siberian Football League,” the latter warns. At this point, Rodgers informs Gabe Gabriel that he can’t trade his insurance agent and, asked about what State Farm covers, he lists some of the things State Farms covers, namely cars, homes, motorcycles, RVs, and boats.

The commercial ends with the line “Here to help all your stuff go right” and the tagline “Here to help life go right” flashing across the screen.

Actor David Haydn-Jones, best known for his recurring role as Arthur Ketch on the CW series Supernatural, started playing Rodgers’ sports agent, Gabe Gabriel, earlier this year. Rodgers’ real NFL agent is a man named David Dunn, who represents the firm Athletes First. Patrick Minnis is a real State Farm agent in Tempe, Arizona, but is not actually Rodgers’ insurance agent. He has a sports background – back in the ’90, he was a sports reporter and anchor at the local ABC affiliate in Louisiana, KATC TV3. The two men were tapped to co-star alongside Rodgers in the insurance company’s “Agent vs. Agent” campaign, launched in September.

Rodgers has been a State Farm spokesman since 2011, when he starred in the series of “discount double check” ads. He has also appeared alongside his dog and his teammate Clay Matthews in ads airing in 2016 and 2017.

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