Scuba Diver in Specsavers TV Advert

Specsavers continues the promotion of its free hearing tests with a series of hilarious new ads airing on ITV, highlighting that Specsavers Audiologists are Sponsors of Afternoons on the TV channel.

One of them features some closets in a room, all filled with socks. One of the closets is so overcrowded that several socks fall on the floor, revealing they are filled with £50 banknotes. The explanation for this comes from the voiceover, who says “Bob’s financial advisor actually told him to put all his money into stocks.” Another spot features a diver wearing his wet suit sitting in a bus and practising moves near the bus. “It turned out the man Jim had hired wasn’t a professional driver.” the voiceover says. He also says that Sue, a woman holding a pair of red pants, looking at them with disappointment, as if she would never wear that kind of underwear, regretted telling Roy she was into exotic plants.

Specsavers states that their audiology professionals are members of Audiology associations and have been trained to help you choose the best solution for your hearing loss, taking into account not only your lifestyle, but also your budget. It is also informed that you won’t be asked to pay an extra charge for different fitting styles and that “every purchase at Specsavers comes with free aftercare for 12 months+ which includes maintenance checks and adjustments made whenever you need, free batteries for 12 months, three-year warranty and a 90-day money back satisfaction period.”

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