Specsavers Detective TV Advert

Specsavers has launched an advert featuring the hapless detective that makes a fool of himself by mishearing at crucial points to promote the Specsavers Audiologists.

The 90-second spot, which is a compilation of the company’s “Should’ve” ads, follows the detective as he mumbles his way through his day-job. He takes a guy named Warren to inspect the house of a criminal who wanted to see a warrant, he throws away his burger when his fellow investigator says he thinks a certain guy is a cat burglar, he looks for the inspector in the lav after being told that the latter is in the lab, he grabs one of the exhibits and eats it believing it’s biscuits, instead of getting a suspect’s alibi in the interview room, he gets a lullaby out of him, he’s planning a warehouse rave when he was supposed to plan a warehouse raid, he goes at the Steakhouse when he should actually go to the Statehouse, and this is not all.

Specsavers hearing package starts from £495 and includes free hearing test, two digital hearing aids, free aftercare, four years free battery, fitting styles at no extra cost, 90-day satisfaction period, and four years guarantee. Specsavers also provides hearing test with a hearing care professional, two NHS digital hearing aids and full aftercare, free at local Specsavers to people who qualify for free NHS funded hearing aids.

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