Couple in Sonnet Insurance Commercial

Sonnet Insurance has released a new commercial, highlighting that Sonnet is the smart, new insurance, done completely online.

The 30-second spot features a young couple in a vintage car talking to a friend and letting him know they are going to Plaza to renew their home and auto insurance and they’d be back in two hours. The couple are then seen nowadays, in the comfort of their living room, visiting Sonnet’s website using a tablet and getting the insurance for their home and auto in only a few minutes, by answering some questions and choosing the coverage they want from a selection including “The Essentials”, “The Preferred”, and “The Ultimate”.

“The world has changed and finally insurance has, too. With Sonnet Insurance, you can now buy home and auto insurance entirely online, in only five minutes,” the voiceover says, urging then viewers to “Get ensured online, today”.

The digital home and auto insurance brand, introduced in 2016 by Economical Insurance in Canada, appealed to audience using optimism in its advertising campaigns. The launch campaign, running in English and French and centred on the idea of optimism, aimed at inspiring Canadians to have a glass full approach.