SodaStream Commercial - Girl with Small Guitar

A woman with a small guitar learns you how to quit sugary soda with a few steps in latest SodaStream commercial.

The 30-second spot shows a scientist with lab coat and glasses shedding sugar from two Cola cans instead of the usual fluid.

So the 3 steps to quit sugary soda are as follow: Step 1. Buy a SodaStream. Step 2. Enjoy a great taste with less sugar. Step 3… maybe two steps is enough.

“Make sparkling water and help save the planet. Risk-free for 30 days. For the best deal of the season go to and save up to 40%. Get your SodaStream today.” – the company’s spokeswoman says at the end of the spot.

SodaStream is available for purchase at the following retailers: Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Staples, Williams Sonoma and Amazon.

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