SodaStream Commercial Girl

SodaStream highlights, in one of its latest ads, that you can make sparkling water without the waste at

“At SodaStream, we love sparkling water. But we don’t love the bottles and cans left behind. So we’re calling on you. Choose better!,” the company’s spokeswoman says on the 30-second spot, which illustrates the two options you have: on one hand, you can continue purchase plastic bottles and cans of sparkling water and other drinks and surround yourself with a mountain of waste products (that contribute heavily to the pollution of the planet) or, on another hand, use the SodaStream reusable bottle and device to make sparkling water. “With SodaStream it’s easy to be the change.

Every day. Right at home,” the young woman adds, showing then how easy it is to use the SodaStream maker of sparkling water, namely pop in the reusable bottle of tap water and push the button on top. You will thus have sparkle water in seconds, with no wasted bottles and no wasted cans.

The commercial ends with the spokeswoman urging viewers to make sparkling water without the waste and go the company’s website to get a SodaStream Fizzy risk-free for 30 days, while onscreen lines inform that customers can save up to 40% before December 1st.

SodaStream is available for purchase at the following retailers: Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Staples, Williams Sonoma and Amazon.

Earlier this fall, on September 4, the maker of home soda-making machines displayed at Flatiron Plaza in New York, in partnership with Oceanic Society, the “Drowning Liberty” installation, which was aimed at highlighting the global threat of single-use plastic bottles.

SodaStream is about to become a part of PepsiCo as a result of a $3.2 billion acquisition that was announced in August and is expected to close in January.

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