Smart Energy GB Advert - Blonde Man

The national campaign running in the UK to inform people about the new smart meter rollout, The Campaign for a Smarter Britain, continues with a new advert, that encourages viewers to save their energy for “proper pampering”.

The 20-second spot features The Petersons, who got a smart meter so they could save enough energy every year to power 265 blow dries. The family members – parents and their pre-teenage boy – are all seen using blow dryers to dry their blonde long hair, as well as the fur of their dogs, who also are blond-ish.

At the end of the spot, an onscreen line urges viewers to request a smart meter from their energy supplier at no extra cost.

Smart meters are the new generation of gas and electricity meters coming with an in-home display screen that shows you exactly how much energy you’re using in pounds and pence, in near real time, how much energy was used in the last hour, week, and month (and what it cost), whether your electricity use is high, medium or low and will give updates in almost real time for electricity and every half hour for gas. Installed by energy suppliers in every household in England, Scotland, and Wales, they will bring an end to estimated bills, since they show a digital meter reading and automatically send the reading to your energy supplier at least once a month. Everyone will be offered the opportunity to upgrade to a smart meter by their energy supplier. Smart meters will be provided and fitted by your energy supplier, along with a handheld in-home display, at no extra cost.

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