Santander Bank Halloween Advert

Santander Bank has released its Halloween commercial, advising people to not let the debt of past purchases come back to haunt them.

The spot features Dan, a guy who bought roller skates with his credit card and never paid them off and is now literally haunted by the debt. Awake at 2.42 am, he turns on the video camera to capture the entity that’s haunting him and, two hours later, it can be seen how the roller skates enter his bedroom and terrify him.

Santander has recently introduced its Digital Investment Adviser and encouraged people to get started with their personalized report for £20.

Santander’s Digital Investment Adviser allows users to learn what type of investors they are by completing a series of questions and activities to gauge their reaction to risk. The process is simple, according to the bank, which says you should first register for an Investment Hub account, log on to your Investment Hub account and click ‘Get Online Advice’ on the homepage to start, and subsequently, if the Digital Investment Adviser confirms investing is a suitable choice for you, set up the fund that has been recommended for you.

In 2014, Santander, a household name in the UK after its takeover of Abbey National, Alliance & Leicester and Bradford & Bingley, paid €1 to take over Popular but tapped its shareholders for €7bn (£6bn) to cover the bad debts facing the lender. Elke König, chair of the Single Resolution Board (the eurozone’s new banking body), made clear the deal avoided a repeat of the 2008 crisis when taxpayers were forced to bail out banks.

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