Sandals Resorts Commercial - What Is Love

Sandals Resorts advertises the special discounts it offers on its vacation packages in a new commercial, aimed at giving a definition of love.

Titled “What Is Love?”, the 30-second spot features several couples of different ages spending time together in various resorts, hugging, kissing and looking into each other’s eyes, while the voiceover delivers a message about love and encourages people to live their dreams.

“What is love? Two hearts? One soul. A kiss. A hug. A laugh. It’s passion. It’s freedom. It’s mystery. It’s the journey and the destination. It’s vows made and promises kept. It’s a feeling, a need, no rules, all included, all unlimited,” the voiceover says, urging then viewers to feed their hunger, quench their thirst and live their dreams, fulfilled, indulged, reborn”.

“What is love? Love is all you need,” the voiceover adds at the end of the commercial, which also highlights that you could save up to 65% off rack rates and invites you to call your travel professional or 1-800 Sandals.

Love is all you need is also the name of a website created by Sandals Resorts and dedicated to destination weddings, covering topics and inspirations that range “from the engagement all the way through to the moment the last thank you card is stamped and mailed”.