Samsung SmartThings Dad Commercial

Samsung shows, in one of its latest ads, how the SmartThings app can help you keep your home and life in sync by featuring a dad who counts on his smart devices to get him to the finish line without missing a triple jump in the middle of the night.

The 30-second spot, titled “Formula Dad,” features the man in his living room transferring the sound from the TV to his phone so that he wouldn’t disturb his baby daughter, Christabelle, who’s sleeping right next to him. As he’s watching a motorcycle race, he gets a notification on the TV screen, reminding him to feed the infant, which he does without missing anything on TV. Thus, even if he’s going to the kitchen to take the formula, thanks to the app, he can switch seamlessly from TV to phone and from phone to TV and is able to see every single moment of the sporting event.

The end of the commercial sees the line “Your home and life in sync with SmartThings” flashing across the screen.

SmartThings works with a growing number of devices, including TV, AV, Air Conditioner, robot vacuum, refrigerator, camera, doorbells, locks, outlets, motion sensors, and more. The app, which is easy to set up, connects Samsung smart devices with each other so they can work together to make your home even smarter. Besides switching from TV to phone and from phone to TV, you can also see the inside of your Samsung fridge on your Samsung TV before you get up for a snack, you can connect multiple Samsung speakers and listen to your favorite music/podcasts even when you move from room to room, you can automate your home using data like time, location or temperature, set the sprinkler to come on at sunrise, or the lights at sunset, and many more.