Samsung QLED TV Commercial

Samsung promotes its intelligent 2018 QLED TV lineup in a new ad, urging people to “spend more time watching and less time searching”.

The spot opens with a young woman sitting on the couch in front of her QLED TV, which, according to the voiceover, “provides a seamless anf effortless experience even from the set-up.” Throughout the ad, some of the most important features of the Q Smart TV are mentioned, such as a remote control that automatically detect and identify your devices as you connect and consolidate all your remotes into one remote control. The voiceover also informs that, “now, you have your favorite content across live TV and streaming services in one place, which will help you find what to watch” and “you can also conveniently control QLED TV with just your voice.” This is not all: with Samsung’s SmartThings app, you can monitor and control your connected devices at a glance (check the laundry, turn off your robot vacuum, and even turn off your lights, for instance), “so you can stay focused on what you’re watching without taking your eyes off the screen”.

“So spend time watching, not searching,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, adding the tagline “See nothing else”.

Unveiled at a global launch event in New York, Samsung’s QLED 2018 line-up includes the Q9F, Q8F, Q7F, Q7C (a curved variant) and the Q6F. The first two offer full-array local dimming, while the balance of the QLED lineup use edge-lighting technology and are therefore slightly slimmer in form. The entire QLED TV range features anti-reflective technology which increases off-angle picture performance and black level performance, and Ambient Mode, the chameleon-like feature which allows the TV to mimic its surroundings on-screen. The TV can also overlay weather information, news, or photos looking like real photo prints.