Samsung Notebook Commercial Girl

Samsung encourages you to #DrawMoreOfYou with Samsung Notebook, presented as “a book like no other,” which “opens the door to a world brimming with unlimited possibilities,” and “more importantly, it tells your story”.

“This is a book. A book you read and a book you write. A book you learn from and a book you grow with. Your diary and your library. Your picture book, textbook, playbook, and notebook. A book with infinite pages and unlimited chapters. So draw more of you. This is your book,” the voiceover says on the 30-second spot, which features several persons using the Samsung Notebook as a diary, as a picture book, as a textbook, playbook, and more.

Samsung’s range of Notebooks includes the Notebook 9, described as “Premium, thin and light,” the Notebook 7 Spin, which guarantees “multimedia performance,” and the Notebook Odyssey, which is “built for gaming.” These three new Samsung Notebooks, which offer full HD displays, are also presented as “incredibly powerful” and “surprisingly light”.

The brand gives you the chance to celebrate Black Friday in July, now through July 28, by saving $300 instantly on the Samsung Notebook 9 spin 13.3″.


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