Samsung Notebook Commercial

Samsung continues its “Draw More of You” campaign, promoting the Samsung Penbook, with a new commercial, that encourages people to let their inspiration lead the way and draw out their inner creativity.

The 60-second ad features three young artists – a musician, a writer and an architect – who get stuck in their creative process, so they shut their Samsung Notebook and take a break by engaging in other activities. The architect goes for a ride outside the city, the writer takes a bath and the musician throws a ball against a wall.

“This is a book. And they say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. Every reader knows that. But does every writer? Because how can you possibly know what’s inside if you keep it shut? If you just stare and judge and never give it a shot? So crack it open and finish that first page. Get it all down and get it all out. You might just find yourself too busy to judge, too busy sharing the story of your life,” the voiceover says, adding “This is your book”. At this point, the artists are seen returning to their Samsung Notebook and creating what they’ve been wanting to.

Samsung’s range of Notebooks includes the Notebook 9, described as “Premium, thin and light,” the Notebook 7 Spin, which guarantees “multimedia performance,” and the Notebook Odyssey, which is “built for gaming.” These three new Samsung Notebooks, which offer full HD displays, are also presented as “incredibly powerful” and “surprisingly light”.


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