Woman in Samsung Flip TV Advert

Samsung promotes its digital flipchart Flip in the UK market in a new advert, highlighting that Flip helps you get the most out of your meetings.

The 60-second spot opens with an idea of how to “give your brainstorm the energy of a hurricane” and shows a woman turning on a huge fan into the faces of her colleagues gathered around a table for a meeting. As the device is blowing air towards them, their papers and cups of coffee are swept across the room. “Or you could try this” an onscreen line reads before the Samsung Flip is brought over by the same woman. She uses it as a “Moodboard” for a presentation, which gives way to participants to share and immediately put into practice their ideas in terms of minor changes related to colors, textures and other aspects. After the meeting, using Flip Distribution, the woman is able to efortlessly share all the handwritten recaps.

Designed for creative thinking, collaboration and business innovation, Samsung’s interactive digital flipchart for business enables teams to work “smarter, faster and better.” “Business meetings can take place anywhere, anytime, and you can take the stress out of the logistics”, the tech giant highlights. Among its key features are the Flip Notation, which gives the chance up to four people to draw and write simultaneously, with a variety of colors, styles and widths, and to quickly clear either a small section or full screen worth of content using a hand swipe motion, Flip Capture, which lets you and your team share and make notations within a variety of content files, all maintained at optimal visual quality, Flip Navigation, which provides an intuitive, user-friendly menu that simplifies navigation and reduces the time required to access controls or view content in its entirety, Flip Presentation, which lets you adjust to varying huddle room dynamics without sacrificing comfort, Flip Protection, which helps teams to protect their projects by allowing them to set a unique numeric password to lock the display and remove critical content from view, Flip Connection, which lets you connect your personal devices – from PC and tablet to phone and USB storage – with the Flip for interactive content visibility, notation and sharing. These are not all the features, though. For more details, viewers are advised to visit the brand’s website.

The price for a 55″ Digital Flipchart is set at $2699. The portable wheel based stand, which is sold separately, costs $799.


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